At, people from different countries can exchange their local currency into Afrocoins . This site allows users to buy Afrocoins using their bank account, credit card, debit card or altcoins. Afrocoins are placed in an web wallet.

Our Mission

The emergence of cryptocurrency and its subsequent technologies have shaken the foundations of the traditional monetary system. Cryptocurrency gives poorer nations the ability to overcome their economic obstacles with the use of a stable universal currency. Currently many African nations are facing economic issues, more directly, currency issues are crippling their ability to innovate and compete on a global level. Inflation, deflation, exchanges rates and currency manipulation are all factors that contribute to the lack of economic growth in African nations. Afrocoin aims to eliminate these barriers.
A stable and regulated financial infrastructure isn’t available to all Africans. Many African nations are dependent on foreign nations for the regulation of their currency and by extension, their economy. Many of these countries use foreign currency rather than create their own, which can be problematic when it comes to trade among the nations. A universal currency that is decentralized, secure and safe from manipulation is the answer to this problem. African business owners and consumers can substitute the lack of a physical financial infrastructure, with a digital infrastructure. With the developments made in blockchain technology companies can create secure contracts, payment channels, corporate financial structures and much more! Along with the physical applications of Afrocoin as a currency, the purpose behind the creation of the coin, is mission driven. 100% of the revenue generated by Afrocoin goes to funding political, economic and social projects across the continent and the diaspora. Afrocoin is a product of Negrescence Corporation, an organization whose mission is the alleviation of poverty and strife in African communities through the political and economic unification of African peoples, and subsequently the African continent. Cryptocurrency is a billion dollar industry. With the revenue generated through the trading of Afrocoin, projects that typically require large amounts of consistent capital can easily be funding for months to years at a time.

Afrocoin is a digital currency designed for African communities all over the world

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